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consulting & management services

Dominion Business Consulting focusses on the discovery and development of an individual's and / or corporation's authentic domain. Leaders who have found their domain have found their unshakable place in the business world.

Dominion Business Consulting is based upon the authentic identity and purpose of leaders and corporations as the foundation for visions that solve significant problems in the world. C-S-I has supported many in the development of their products and services for the world in need.

The "Circus Knie" modelling project is an ambitious endeavour of C-S-I Switzerland.  It is a great opportunity to network, refine skills and have fun with like minded, leading precision modelling experts in Europe and beyond. For more information contact [email protected]

"All Terrain Resort" is a project of C-S-I Canada based on the vision to create the ultimate recreation resort experience. This project promotes international business development, strengthens relationships and provides a product distribution platform for many businesses.  For more information contact [email protected]

The Digital Mall is an initiative to promote extended professional digital services to businesses who want to take full advantage of today's age of digitalization. The mall is free to join as long our professional standards are met. For existing and upcoming digital services contact [email protected]