accessing greater markets

C-S-I researched, arranged and was awarded a total of $35 Million CND in research and development grants for a client’s solar plant in Germany. C-S-I led and coordinated the entire grant application project between the Canadian corporate headquarter, the EU grant commissioner, banks, lawyers, real estate agents and field engineers.

C-S-I brought a German high-quality manufacturing enterprise before the world's leading specialist distributor of plumbing and heating products. C-S-I performed the market research analysis, created marketing material conform to the North American market, organized sales campaigns and arranged face-to-face meetings.

C-S-I coached a Swiss ICT firm in establishing its subsidiary in Kelowna, BC, Canada. CSI's engagement helped to strategically position the client’s firm in North America what provides current and future clients the tremendous benefit of working with one ICT firm on either sides of the Atlantic. 

C-S-I restored supplier relationships on behalf of their customers. Business relationships over thousands of Miles are often a challenge. CSI's local presence in North America and Europe combined with their trusted reputation and professional services helps to prevent misunderstandings, missing materials, delivery stops and more.