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About us

We at CanadianSwissInvest are a group of experts specialised in dominion business development. Our professional business services combined with our two strategic locations, in the Dominion of Canada and Switzerland, have prepared, transformed and equipped many businesses to successfully reach greater markets locally and internationally. We are passionate about what we are doing and see our work as an investment in businesses that positively impact the world with innovative quality products and services

Our work

Our testimonies reach from small start-ups to large international corporations. Whether you are about to start a new business or expand your enterprise into new markets, by working with us you benefit from a wealth of accumulated experience and expert knowledge aquired and refined over many years. To check out some of our testimonies simply scroll down to your desired service and click on "learn more"

Why us?

Dominion Business Development is based on an individual and/or corporations authentic purpose.  It is our experience that leaders who have discovered their business purpose are not only very passionate about their work, but usually become unstoppable. Such potential once released can hardly be limited to one country. That's why our experts are either dual citizens and understand different markets or are altogether spread throughout North America or Europe, where they can support you best. Working with CanadianSwissInvest you found a reliable and professional partner with whom you  can build your company with!

trading & investment

You want to expand your business beyond national borders? Here is what our international expert network can do for you;

- authentic target market research analysis
- arranging of distributors or sales representatives
- sourcing of complementary products and services
- supplier and/or customer relationship management
- project management locally and internationally
- supporting import and export activities
- establishing and administration of subsidiaries 
- local representation in Canada, Switzerland and bordering nations

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professional marketing

You have a great company, but your corporate marketing is lacking or is not target market-conform? This is what we can do for you;

- corporate identity consulting
- professional website development
- corporate logo development
- business and rack card design
- product and company flyers
- corporate letter templates
- marketing campaigns

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optimizing businesses  and processes

Your business is successful established, but needs further optimizations? This what we can do for you;

- professional business analysis
- business consulting & coaching
- business engineering
- evaluation of new technology 
- project management
- lean process optimization

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turning ideas into realities

You have an innovative product idea, but not the necessary experiences, skills or time? Here is what we can do for you;

- product research analysis
- product concept development
- product specification definition
- mechanical product design, 3d modelling and engineering
- customized software database development
- software deployment & maintenance

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consulting & management services

Want to start a new or reorganize an existing business? We offer dominion business consulting services. We invest in your business by offering the first consulting session for free;

- dominion business consulting 
- discover your authentic business vision
- develop the leadership spirit within you
- draw from experiences of other leading corporations
- develop your business partner network

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